Underground Diesel Loader ---UL50D

2021-08-02 14:29:36

Underground Diesel Loader ---UL50D   


Ul50D underground internal-combustion loader is designed for loading, hualing and dumping underground ores and rocks. It can adapt to the harsh underground working environment and has the characteristics of efficent ecomony,simple operation,convenient maintenance and high reliability.Its tramming capacity is 5 tons and is a suitable for underground tunnels with a width of more than 2.8m meters. This equipment is powerful,safe,environment-friendly,high-performance high-reliability,and high-efficiency underground machine manufactured Sandvik technology.

Underground Diesel Loader ---UL50D              (图1)

EASY MAINTENANCE:                                  

Centralized manual lubrication;

Centralized Pressure measuring:

 80% of the maintenance is done

 on the ground level, minimizing 

the need for climbing onto the

 top of the machine

HIGHER RELIABILITY:                                     

Exceptional key performance management      

and lean production system ; Perfect               

combination of engineering machinery          

 technology and underground loading                


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